Fripp Island Resort Amenities

Our island resort in South Carolina offers its guests an unmatched variety of sports, leisure activities, and a complete list of resort amenities, all of which can be found on 3 ½ miles of beautiful Atlantic Coast shoreline.

At Fripp Island Resort you have plenty of activities and amenities to choose from. It’s all up to you. Checkout our extensive list of South Carolina island resort amenities just waiting to be enjoyed:

Committed to Providing the Best Island Resort Amenities

The Excursions Department offers a myriad of ways to best see the island – either by land in a 4 to 6 passenger golf cart, bicycles or scooters, relaxing Catamaran cruise or simply meandering your way through the quite backwaters and inlets by kayak or skiff.

Fripp Islands’ Activity Center is family friendly and offers parents a place to have fun alongside their children or enroll them in a session of supervised play. By simply letting the kids build castles in the sand or play the day away at Camp Fripp, Fripp Island Resort is where the best of everything is at hand and life couldn’t be more perfect.

Be sure to check our “Events Calendar” for all your recreational needs. Just a reminder, as an exclusive guest of the Fripp Island Resort rental company you receive complimentary club cards that give you and your family access to all of the resort amenities. Please make sure to carry your club cards with you at all times. They are required to gain access to the amenities and restaurants.

Other guests, not staying with the Fripp Island Resort rental company, who are staying in a Fripp Island vacation rental owned by a Fripp Island Club full member, may obtain access to the resort amenities and restaurants only if the homeowner has purchased club cards for each member of their party in advance of arrival.