Family Summer Vacation at Fripp Island Resort

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A Summer Vacation at Fripp

Your summer trip really starts to begin as you cross over the Beaufort Woods Memorial Bridge and start your scenic drive out to Fripp, which is an experience in itself as you pass century old oaks, seafood stands, historical sites, shrimp boats, and expansive marshland with creeks that sparkle in the late afternoon light.  After all, Fripp and Beaufort are both the setting for many of the most iconic scenes in “Forrest Gump”.  This has always made me wonder why they set the movie in Alabama.  I guess Alabama just has a nicer ring to it.  Time spent on Fripp is something else entirely when it comes to a summer vacation with the family.  You can browse the long list of beach side getaways up and down the Carolina coast and find numerous resorts.  So, what makes or sets Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort apart from the rest?  Well, below we’ll take you through a typical summers week staying at Fripp Island Resort.

We have vacation rentals that will fit everyone’s taste or budget. Whether you need a two bedroom or need room for 20, we’ll help you find the perfect property.  Most prefer a golf cart as the best way to see and do things on the island.   Many of our properties come with one, but you can reserve one through Excursions.  Guests often want to take full advantage of their time and hop right on the golf cart to start exploring.  Those that do are met with a buzz of golf cart activity on the island.   The summer months are no exception as this is the main mode of transportation on the island.


Mother and children searching for shells on the beachSand & Sea

During your stay you’ll want to do a few different things on and around the island.  If you want to spend a few days exploring the nearby beaches and islands you’ll want to head down to Excursions and rent a skiff for a few days. The creeks and islands around Fripp are, for the most part, uninhabited with many being either a park or preserve.  A new and exciting one is St. Phillips just two islands south of Fripp and previously owned by Ted Turner.  It is now a state park operated through Hunting Island State Park (right next door to Fripp).  If being your own captain doesn’t sound appealing, then take a tour on the Fripper II or choose from a guide or fishing captain if that’s more your speed.

You’ll want to dedicate at least one day to being lazy and sitting on the beach.  Park at the Beach Club, then use the boardwalk to head to the beach. Stop by the Sandbar at the Adult Pool were you can grab a drink and have a Beach Hut attendant set up chairs and umbrellas for you on the beach so you can avoid lugging all your stuff out there.  You’ll like this spot, because after a day of lazy lounging on the beach you can wash off and take a refreshing dip in the Adult or Olympic Pool on your way back to the golf cart.  Plus you have the added benefit of being able to leave your chairs and umbrella for the beach attendants to pick up (sorry guys, but we’re being lazy today).


We’d definitely suggest spending at least one night over at The Bonito Boathouse grabbing dinner and a drink.  The Bonito Boathouse is unique in that it is one of the few places were the restaurant is over the water.  This combined with the views from the first and second floor make this a great dining experience on Fripp.  Enjoy ordering a drink while awaiting your meal and gazing out at the vast expanse of green marshland and shimmering blue creeks as the sun begins to set on them. It is worth having dinner here just to take in the views and have an unmatched dining experience.

Recreation Center

When it comes to family fun on Fripp you’ll want to take a trip over to the Fripp Island Activity Center to see our wonderful Nature Center.  With a variety of snakes, lizards, turtles, and even alligators it is sure to wow kids and parents alike.  The staff at the Activity Center are knowledgeable and can take you on a guided nature tour around the island.  Or join Recreation team for arts and crafts daily to make something special to take home with you!

Tennis & Golf

If you’re looking to get your blood pumping this summer, then a trip over to our Racquet Club for a lesson with our tennis pro might be the answer. If you’re already a pro sign up for pickleball, a round robin, stroke of the day, or grab some friends and take to the court at your own speed. For those looking for a sport at a different speed, then perhaps golf is the answer. Our Ocean Point Course is a favorite for views and you can grab an excellent lunch from Ocean Point Grille. The Ocean Creek Course is on the opposite end of the island and was designed by Davis Love III.  Some say this is a favorite, but it is up to you to decide which course you like the best. Between the two courses and our excellent staff of golf professionals you are sure to have a good time.

All in all, it’s about family time when it comes to summer on Fripp. We hear stories all the time about guests who have been coming for generations. The stories all start fairly the same with them mentioning a grandparent, parent or close family friend that they came with when they were a kid and ever since then they’ve been coming back. Some have been coming now as a family for fifty years and counting and that is something to be proud of, as I know Fripp was a very different place back then. Eventually in the not so distant future, we will have families from all over that have been coming for sixty, seventy, even eighty years, and that to me, is an indicator that Fripp has something special that not all vacation destinations possess.

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