Labor Day Fishing Tournament Info

Benefiting Pledge the Pink

August 29-31, 2019


Thursday, August 29 –  6:00pm – 7:00pm

Captain’s Registration at Fripp Island Marina. The entry fee for this event is $250.00 per boat.  $60.00 for each additional person.  After Registration & Captain’s Meeting join us for a cook-out.

**A representative from each boat MUST attend the Captain’s Meeting**

Friday and Saturday, August 30-31 – FISH DAYS – 6:00 am – 5:00 pm

All fish must be weighed at the Fripp Island Marina from 3-5pm both days.

Saturday we’ll have a cook-out in the afternoon with burgers, hot dogs and beer available for purchase. Proceeds benefit Pledge the Pink.

Prizes:  NOTE: Only One (1) win per person in each category. Ties will be settled by weigh-in time. $5000 purse.

 King Mackerel

 Spanish Mackerel

Check-In:  All registered boats must check in properly even if they do not want to weigh fish!  This can be done visually at the weigh-in, by radio on Channel 12, or by telephoning the Fripp Island Marina at 843-838-1517.  Make sure your boat name is properly repeated.  Any boat not properly checked in will be disqualified and must assume responsibilities for expenses incurred if a search is begun.

Fishing:  You may fish one or two days – your choice.  Fish must be caught within the tournament hours using rod and reel with a maximum of six lines in the water at any one time.  No fixed lines or electric reels may be used to land fish.  Downriggers are to be used as line carriers only.  Planers are allowed

Weigh-In:  All boats wishing to weigh in fish must arrive at Fripp Island Marina by water & must be seen around the last curve to the marina by the Weigh-master or his representative before 5:00 pm or be disqualified.  Fish to be weighed in must be taken to the weigh station by a member of the boat’s crew.  Once a fish is weighed in, the boat cannot go back out.  Fish shall not be mutilated in any way other than hook and gaff marks.  If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by the earliest weigh-in time.  All fish must be weighed in to be eligible for prize money.  The decision of the Rules Committee is final.  Any protest must be submitted to the Rules Committee in writing before 5:00 pm on the day of the tournament or by the conclusion of the fish weigh-in.  Cost per protest is $100.00, which is refundable if the protest proves valid.

Tournament Rules:  All boats must have a properly working V.H.F. Radio with Channel 12, the tournament frequency. 

Check-out -Honor System: Boats can depart at any time after 12:00 am on fish day.  Captains are on the honor system to ensure that lines are not in the water earlier than 6:00 am.

Weather:  The decision to fish is solely up to the Captain.  However, a Small Craft Advisory from the Savannah Weather Station in effect at 6:00 am postpones the tournament until the next day. **If fishing is canceled Friday, Saturday will be the only fishing day and the awards ceremony will follow. If both days are a washout, entry fees will be refunded.**

Reservations:  Stay at Fripp while you fish!  Please call Kathy Kluttz for special tournament rates.  843-838-1551

*Tournament within a Tournament – Contact Chris Tilton at the Captain’s Meeting

Got questions? Get in touch! Call us at 843-838-1517 or email See you on the water!