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Kids Camp at Fripp Island Resort

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Camp Fripp is held from Memorial Day to Labor Day every year. Camp Fripp is designed for children ages 3-12 years old. Our program offers a fun filled day with crafts, nature trips, beach trips, pool games, and much more.

The hours of camp run from 9am-12pm for children 3-6 years old, and 9am-2pm for children 7-12 years old.

Camp Fripp is held in the Creek House building by Wardle’s Landing, just behind the Activities Center on Veranda Beach Drive. For reservations call the Activity Center at 843-838-1516.

Recreation Programs are seasonal, please call 843-838-1516 for current information.

Camp will be in session rain or shine.

All children must be at least 3 years old and bathroom independent. No pull-ups or diapers are permitted.

Separation Anxiety: Separation from Mom and Dad can be difficult for some children. We are very understanding of this situation, however due to the size of the program we cannot give continuous one-on-one attention. If a child cannot be soothed after 15 minutes the parent(s) will be asked to come and pick up the child.

Camp Fripp reservations are required by 8:30am each day, based on availability.
A waiting list for our programs occasionally occurs. Please call to cancel your reservation by 8:30 AM or a no show fee may apply.

What to bring


Kid’s Night Out

Bring your children ages 3-12 to the Activity Center for dinner, camp games and activities. Reservations are required and must be made by 5pm on the day of KNO. Space is limited. Call for reservations 843-838-1516.Cancellations must be made by 5pm. Failure to do so will result in a $15 fee per child.

Children must be picked up promptly at 9pm; a $5 fee will be charged for every 10 minutes past 9pm per child.

Similar to Camp Fripp, all children must be at least 3 years old and completely bathroom independent. No pull-ups or diapers are permitted.

Please call 843-838-1516 for current programs and to make reservations.