Nature Programs

All of our outdoor programs are weather permitting. We will meet at the Activity Center unless otherwise noted. We recommend sunscreen and bug spray for all outdoor activities. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please call us at 843-838-1516 with questions, to check program availability and time, or to reserve a spot. Prices are shown as Member/Guest prices.

**New Weekly Nature Programs**  These new programs will be offered May through August only. Call the Activity Center or check our social media pages for more information about our new nature programs that we’re trying out this summer. Some examples of programs will be be testing this summer include “Critters & Cabernet, “Frippin’ Frogs, “Plants & Pollinators”, “Small Mammal Program”, “Nature Walks with a Naturalist” and a Venomous Snakes Program.


BirdingFripp is Certified Wildlife Habitat and an Audubon Important Area. A variety of birds use our beaches, maritime forests, golf courses, ponds, and marshes. This walking tour will depart from the Activity Center and we will search for wading birds, shore birds, and woodland species. Beginners to expert birders are welcome!


Botany 101

Fripp Island Butterfly amongst flowers

This program is a walking tour of our island where we discuss native plants found on Fripp. Our naturalists will teech you about how to identify native species, which plants are good for eating and medicine, as well as why native plants are important for our region. The program will conclude with a hand on plant activity (like paint a pot or plant a native flower) or give guests the opportunity to try an in-season food or drink made from local native plants.

Canoe to Pritchard’s Island

Canoe to Pritchard's IslandEver wanted to explore that mysterious island across from Wardle’s landing? The only way to get there safely is by boat… join us for a quick canoe trip across Skull Inlet and walk the beach of this abandoned, uninhabited island. Some of the best shells can be found here!


CrabbingCome learn all about the east coast’s coolest crustacean, the blue crab! Learn the life cycle and ecological importance of these edible crabs as we bait our baskets and wait for them to fall into our trap. We will teach you how to handle them and anything else we might catch! This program is catch and release only.


Gator Walk

Gator WalkFripp Island is home to a ton of alligators! First we’ll introduce you to our baby alligators, Savannah and Veranda. Then our naturalists will take you looking for these prehistoric predators in some of Fripp’s golf course ponds. As we watch for gators you’ll learn all about Fripp’s most awesome predator.


Frippin’ Froggies and Reptiles

Scales, Scutes, & Slime!If you’re a budding herpetologist (a person who studies reptiles and amphibians) this is the program for you! Get familiar with some of the Activity Center’s resident reptiles before we head out to find some wild critters. We will discuss habitats, diets, anatomy, and more. We will check our humane traps for snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, and anything else! Closed-toed shoes are required.

Marsh Kayaking

Marsh KayakingThe best way to experience the winding tidal creeks behind Fripp is by kayak. Share a tandem kayak with a buddy or paddle yourself in a single. On this guided two hour tour we will watch for eagles and ospreys soaring overhead, mink and clapper rails walking the mud flats, dolphins splashing on the shore line and so much more! Please call ahead to reserve your spot. Tour departs from the Marina boat ramp.

Moonlight Kayaking

Moonlight KayakingJoin our naturalists for a once-a-month guided tour under the stars and the full moon. This is a truly unique way to experience the sights and sounds of the tidal creeks after the sun goes down. Please call ahead to reserve your spot. Tour is 2 hours and will depart from the Marina boat ramp.

Nature Cruise

Nature CruiseCome aboard the Fripper II with one of our naturalists for a pontoon boat tour of the tidal creeks and islands around Fripp. Hear stories of pirates and learn about the creatures of the marsh. We will stop to beach comb at Bull Point on Caper’s Island, so bring along a re-useable bag for the shells you find and learn about!

Nature of the Night

Nature of the NightJoin our naturalists on the search for Fripp’s animal night life. We will look for bats and night hawks, listen for owls, and search for spiders, bugs, and frogs! We may even be able to spot alligators and deer. Some flashlights are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Closed-toed shoes are required.

Ocean Seining & Fishing

Ocean SeiningJoin our naturalists on the beach to discover what’s under the waves! During the first portion of the program we’ll pull our seining net through the water and show you the many species that swim off our shore, as well teach you how to use a cast net. If you want to try it out, plan on getting wet! The second part of this program will teach you how to fish as well as some tips and tricks for catching some popular local species. This program is catch and release only.


Sunset Kayaking

Sunset KayakingThe marsh is arguably the best place around Fripp to watch the sun set. On this guided tour we will look for and discus the plants and many animals of the salt marsh. Enjoy the peace and serenity of the tidal creeks and watch the colors of the sky and water change. Make sure you bring a camera and a way to keep it dry!  Please call ahead to reserve your spot. Tour is 2 hours and will depart from the Marina boat ramp.

Turtle Walk 

Turtle WalkFripp Island’s beach is an important nesting area for endangered sea turtles. Every summer dozens of loggerhead sea turtles crawl onto our beach at night and lay hundreds of eggs. Join our naturalists for a beach walk to check out some of the nests and to learn everything there is about our awesome sea turtles!


What the Shell?

What the ShellWhen the water cools and the beach gets quiet, the beach combing is at its best! Take a guided beach walk with one of our naturalists to find the best shells and learn about all the strange and wonderful things on our beach. Jellyfish, worms, sea stars, urchins… you never know what will wash up next. We’ll help you make sense of it all!

Botany 101

Join our Naturalists on a walking tour of our islands native plants. You will learn basic identification tips, what different pollinators they attract, and how to make your own home more pollinator friendly.The program will conclude with a hands-on plant related activity such as painting your own pot, planting a native plant to take home, or trying a native plant based snack.

Nature Program of the Week

Come check out some of our new nature programs! Possible programs include: Critters and Cabernet, Edible Plants and Fungi, Survival 101, Shark Tagging Program, Flowering Plants, Alligator Identification Surveys, and the Small Mammal Program. Call the Activity Center to learn more info about this weeks program!