Resort Internships on Fripp Island, SC

Fripp Island Resort offers a paid internship/practicum program in our Recreation Department for college and university students interested in a Resort Industry Internship as a Recreation or Naturalist Intern. It is our objective to recruit the most qualified students and provide them experiences that enhance professional development and career opportunities.

Resort Industry Internship

Recreation Intern Information – Summer 2018

Naturalist Intern Information – Summer 2018

Our program exposes participants to the resort industry through hands-on work experience. The program is designed to supplement course work and to stimulate further interest in a related to recreation or environmental sciences. It is also designed to assess and identify potential management candidates for future career opportunities at Fripp Island Resort.

Fripp Island Resort is certified by the RCRA, the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association. The purpose of RCRA is to be a nonprofit organization established to further the resort and commercial recreation industries through appropriate services to professionals, educators and students; and to increase the profitability of commercial enterprises with a recreation focus.

The goals of the RCRA are as follows:Resort Industry Internship

a) to establish an effective and functional national vehicle in order to communicate, educate, disseminate, and promote professionalism within the industry;
b) to involve all facets of the industry;
c) to provide opportunity for continuing education related to the industry. RCRA membership represents the following key commercial recreation interest areas: Theme Parks, Hotel/Convention Centers, Concessionaires, Travel/Tourism, Resorts, Private Industries, Campgrounds, Vendors, Health Clubs and Universities. (Information obtained from the RCRA Home Page,, 9/17/03)

Internship Dates:

  • Spring – January through May
  • Summer – May through August
  • Fall – August through December

Benefits of being a Fripp Island Intern:

  • Use of Facilities/Amenities (exceptions may apply)
  • 1 meal per working day
  • 10% Rental discount
  • Use of company phone for long distance calls to advisors
  • Computer access for E-mail

Interns will receive a stipend of $375/bi-weekly

Housing is available on Fripp Island. For stipend interns $50/per pay period will be deducted, which includes water, utilities, and cable. For hourly interns housing cost varies. Each housing unit is fully furnished and equipped with a full kitchen, microwave, cooking/eating utensils, a television and a washer and dryer. You must provide your own bedding for a twin bed along with an alarm clock and other personal items. A $100.00 refundable housing deposit is required from all interns before or upon arrival to Fripp Island. Public Transportation will not be provided. Automobiles are highly recommended for commuting to work and for social purposes.

Fripp Island Resort requires that all of its employees dress in a professional manner. Interns are expected to arrive for work dressed in the appropriate uniform shirt, which will be provided by the department in which the intern works. All employees are required to come to work with a clean, wrinkle-free shirt and shorts/pants. The uniform shirts will always be worn tucked in. The interns are also required to wear khaki shorts/pants with clean tennis shoes and socks. Tennis shoes will be worn at all times while on duty unless otherwise instructed by a supervisor. No other footwear will be allowed to be worn while performing job-related duties unless instructed by a supervisor or depending on the department specifications. Bathing suits or swim trunks will not be worn as a uniform unless instructed by a supervisor or depending on department specifications. Nametags will be provided and must be worn at all times while in uniform. Sunglasses are NOT to be worn while conversing with resort guests. Cellular phones are not permitted while at work unless for an emergency purpose.

Grooming/Dress Standards
Professional appearance is not only reflected through the use of uniforms but also by personal appearance. Grooming standards are to be followed at all times while performing job-related duties. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disciplinary action. First offense equals a verbal warning, a second offense requires the intern to go home and change: and, a third offense requires the intern to go home and loss of pay.

Personal Hygiene
This includes bathing, clean teeth and proper use of deodorant/antiperspirant. Please refrain from using any strong perfumes, colognes, or after-shave while at work.

Grooming Standards For Women
Shorts: Shorts will not be any shorter than 4 inches at the inseam. If the shorts are considered inappropriate then you will be sent home to change.
Hair: Hair must be an appropriate color, neat, and clean. Extreme hairstyles or colors are not permitted. If handling food, all hair must be tied back appropriately.
Miscellaneous: No excessive amount of make-up, perfume, or jewelry will be allowed while at work. No facial jewelry (including tongue rings) are allowed. Appropriate earrings will be permitted. No visible tattoos are permitted. Hats with college sports teams, and hats bearing the Fripp Island Resort or South Carolina logos are permitted. Hats must be worn in the appropriate direction.

Grooming Standards For Men
Pants/Shorts: All pants/shorts will be worn around the waist, there will be no exceptions for baggy, extremely loose fitting shorts/pants. A belt should be worn if it is necessary.
Hair: Hair must be an appropriate color, neat and clean. Extreme hair styles or colors are not permitted. All facial hair must be neatly trimmed and groomed. If handling food, all hair must be tied back appropriately.
Miscellaneous: No excessive amount of cologne or jewelry will be permitted while at work. No facial jewelry/ piercings are permitted (including tongue rings). No visible tattoos are permitted. Shirts are to be worn at all times while at work. Hats with college sports teams, and hats bearing the Fripp Island Resort or South Carolina logo are permitted. Hats must be worn in the appropriate direction.

Internship Qualifications
Interns must be fluent in English with regards to speaking, writing, reading, and understanding. The internship is a minimum of 12 weeks in length. Starting and ending dates may be determined based on school’s semesters. Interns must have their internship recognized as part of an academic program. Students must hold or be pursuing a degree in a related field to the internship. Random drug testing will take place.

As part of the Employment Eligibility Verification requirements, interns are required to present two (2) forms of identification. Driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, or passports are all acceptable. Other identification exceptions may apply: contact the Internship Coordinator with any questions.

Application Deadlines:

  • Spring – November 1
  • Summer – February 16
  • Fall – June 1

Phone: 843-838-1516
Fax: 843-838-4586
E-mail: See Naturalist and Recreation Internship information links at the top of the page

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