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Membership Information

If you own property on Fripp Island, we invite you to join the Fripp Island Club!  We offer four different types of memberships: Full, Social, Dining, and Inactive.

If you aren’t a property owner on the island, then we invite you to come checkout our vacation rentals so that you can personally experience what makes Fripp the finest of all South Carolina Resorts. Maybe you will decide Fripp Island is the place for you!

Full Membership (Resident or Non-resident, Family or Single)Fripp Island Club Images

Enjoy all the Island’s facilities to the fullest.

Social Membership (Resident, Non-resident, Family or Single)

For those who want to join the Club’s social life, this membership entitles you access to all island facilities.

Dining Membership

As a member in this category you will only have access to some of the Island’s dining facilities.

Inactive Membership

Those eligible for inactive membership include owners of undeveloped lots or individuals who have sold their property, but plan to buy a new lot or home within ONE year.  An annual administration fee is charged, and use of the facilities is limited to 14 days per year.  Inactive members may NOT have unaccompanied guests.

The membership categories listed above are available to Fripp Island property owners and certain individuals approved by the Fripp Island Club.  Club membership is required for anyone, including property owners, to access Club facilities.  Property owners who are not members may only use Club facilities as guests of a Club member ONCE per year. Dining and Inactive members may not sponsor unaccompanied guests or obtain Club guest cards.

As a Fripp Island Club member, you and your guests can enjoy all of the Club’s amenities.

Please contact Kristi Suddeth, Fripp Island Club Director, via phone at 843-838-1529 or email, for information regarding initiation fees and dues schedules.

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