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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Important Information About Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchlings July through October is an amazing time on Fripp Island. During these four months, Loggerhead sea turtles begin to hatch. And while it is an amazing experience to witness them crawl towards the ocean, we need to strive to keep our beaches as natural as possible. Therefore, we ask that all lights be turned off in homes after 10pm and no flashlights be used while walking the beach at night. Lights on the beach not only deter mother sea turtles from nesting on the beach, they can also scare or confuse hatchlings into

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Fripp in the Movies

Hollywood Frippin’ It Anyone who has ever visited the Low-Country and specifically the area around Fripp can attest to its natural beauty and landscape.   While it normally attracts beach goers and lovers of all things sand and sea it also attracts another type of person.  The filmmaker looking for the perfect setting and backdrop for the next blockbuster in Hollywood.  Some of these films have clear Beaufort landmarks in their scenes, while others it may be less clear that Beaufort and Fripp are the location.  With the Beaufort Film Festival coming up next week we felt it was worth sharing

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A Valentines Day Getaway

Time to Plan Now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Have you made plans to surprise your significant other? Maybe take them out to eat?  A gift?  What about a trip to the beach for a relaxing couple’s getaway?  I hope you’re thinking the latter because we have the perfect slice of heaven for you and your loved one! Imagine walking hand in hand down an empty beach as the sun begins to set in the distance.  Sure, there may be a few others in the distance, but as far as beaches go it might be one of the

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Shorebirds of Fripp Island

A Small Visitor The tourists are far and few between, but we still have hundreds of visitors on our beach, and I encourage you to spy on them with binoculars. I’m talking about our wintering shorebirds, of course! Each winter dozens of species travel down the east coast, coming from the Midwest, New England, and even the Canadian arctic tundra. After spending the summers nesting on beaches and prairies up north, they depend on southern beaches offering food and privacy for survival until it’s time to go home to breed again. Fripp Island is part of an Audubon Global Important

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The 2018 Beaufort Water Festival

The 2018 Beaufort Water Festival Wherever you are in the state of South Carolina you’ve probably heard the word “water festival”.  Every year about this time and up until late July locals to Beaufort County and the state begin scrambling to find accommodations and someone with a boat to get out on the water.  After all its always better to have a friend with a boat, than to actually own a boat.  The Beaufort Water Festival is a unique event that year after year draws large crowds to an otherwise sleepy southern town.  This being the 63rd Water Festival says

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Getting the Best Price for Your Vacation Rental

  When you’re planning your vacation and searching for the perfect Fripp Island vacation rental for your family, there are a lots of things you consider – Does it have the right number of bedrooms? Where is it located on the island? How many people can it accommodate? Of course, the most important criteria is whether or not you’re getting the best price for your vacation rental and if it is within your budget. Recently, HomeAway, VRBO, and VacationRentals started charging a “traveler fee” to reservations booked through their websites. It varies from 4%-10% of the total value of the booking (not to

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